Devlog - 2012 02 22

Devlog - 2012 02 22

Postby bartwe » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:34 am

Changes 755-785

* migrated all the server stuff unto linode
Update server name to
Fixed bug with Munin logging
Fix munin issue by flushing the banner
Adjust munin to be compatible with newer munin version.
Adjust 'make' to work better with the new server setup
Empty hand should use the higher position when in use
Improve weapon attack by having damage invincibility for a bit
Reenable entity damage lighting
Remove error worning when closing embark overlay is denied
Simplify damage code
WIP convert into Y major ZX array chunk order
Switch to YZX for block ordering within a chunk.
Fix a number of obvious bugs in YZX dimension ordering.
Safe settings store more often (fix issue with lost realmfinder locations)
Show the realm abandonment screen if the player has died and in the realm died a bit later.
Fix bug in realmfinder, actually serve new locations.
Walk away from a block placement site to ensure that placement is possible.
Allow healing by reducing food meter.
Allow increasing food meter by consuming food items.
Add critter event system allowing server to send events to robot.
Refactor Status code on the robot, move to the Critter, should be ticked for owned critters
Rework all statussen into server managed values, and more by data then by code.
More realmfinder bugs
Do not allow entities to pick up items when they are dead.
Render more stats for the player.
Allow the player to die by dehydration and hunger.
Health regen causes additional hunger
remove setHealth command, introduce resetAllStats command
Add support dwarf item consumption.
Allow dwarfs to eat drink rest, heal etc.
Fix Resurection bug.
Add vampires
Reenable torch fixup code, fix robot and server support for block data changes.
Allow player to place non collision blocks under his feet and such.
Improve weapon and item animation.
Do not swing item after first swing when attacking.
Only keep swinging when destroying blocks.
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